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Swiss Made - Swiss Design
Swiss Made – Swiss Design

Swiss Design Features


We live in modern times. It’s almost impossible to see people with out electronics in hand. I think the timing of this vintage game couldn’t be better. Certainly, peg solitaire deserves a triumphant return, and what better way to relaunch than with a new modern Swiss design. As a mechanical engineer, my brain wanted to improve the process. The old way of playing this game was a tedious process which demanded you to reload the pins on the board once you finished your game, or you had to first load the game when you wanted to play. I always disliked this feature. Therefor, step one for my redesign was to design a “ready play” option. With both rounds having peg holes, this allows you to load the next game as you are in play.


The next upgrade was to design the perfect hand held size. The wood rounds fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Concluding that the game is neither too big, nor too small, thus making it a great game to take along with you anywhere.


Next, we wanted the game to be secure-making sure the game wouldn’t open if dropped (small distance only), or separate during transport. What better way to achieve a secure close other than by securing the game with magnets. Adherence of the magnets will protect your pegs and ensure the pieces will never separate unless pulled apart by hand.


The red and white color scheme is by no means an accident. Switzerland takes great pride in their red and white flag design and colors. I thought its only fitting to make the game reflective of my home land. By design, with the red paint as the back drop, the white peg cross is the design feature of the game. This makes the game very Swiss, and makes for a great conversation piece.

The end design

The design of the game included days at the design table. Throughout the process several prototypes came before this one. Modification after modification lead us to the perfect modern version of peg solitaire for the 21st century.

Swiss Made or Made in Switzerland

Our products are required to have 95 percent of the production costs in Switzerland. In addition the design must be in Switzerland. We also source wherever possible the raw materials from Switzerland. That is what we call Swiss Made.
Made entirely in Switzerland, from the start design (in head) to the end product, every feature of this game is of high quality Swiss design and production. Every part of this game has been produced in Switzerland with Swiss ingenuity. I paid attention to the details. From the wood, to the high quality Swiss sourced plastic manufacture along with mold injected pegs, this hand held game will be in your family forever.

We believe the words “Made in Switzerland” are special. Defined in an age where it’s nearly impossible to find “goods” manufactured domestically, we wanted to create a game with a long shelf life thanks to high quality design features. Our concern for climate demand also played a role in our design. For us, that means we created a product which has a low impact on the environment. One can be mindful that when purchasing this game, you support local made as well as a low carbon foot print. We knew that making a purely Swiss made product would be a bit more costly, but those are the customers we are seeking. We hope it will remain in your family for generations to come.

  • The wood is from Switzerland
    • with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council┬«) certification
  • The manufacturing of the round wood pieces is in Switzerland
  • The manufacturing of the plastic pins is in Switzerland
    • The mold of the plastic pins was made in Switzerland
  • The assembly of the game is in Switzerland
  • The printing of the cardboard is in Switzerland
  • The design of the Game was done by a Swiss living in Switzerland