Order Replacement Pegs

How to re-order replacement pegs or pins

Here is how to order replacement pegs. It can happen that you lose a pin or two from the game. Don’t panic though, all is not lost. If you’re one who takes it camping, or around with you on your journey’s, yea, it can raise the chances of losing a pin/peg. However, we’ve made it easy for you to order your replacement at no cost (limited to 2 pins). Here’s how it works:

In Switzerland

If you live in Switzerland, it’s quite easy, because this is where we ship it from. Send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to our address, and we will send you two free pins. If you need more than two pins, then we offer a full set of pins (33) for CHF 10 (packaging and shipping included).
Contact us first.

How to order replacement pegs in Europe

If you live elsewhere in Europe we just ask for the shipping and packaging cost of CHF 3.50. The 2 (two) replacement pegs will be free. If you should need more replacement pegs for any reason, just contact us.

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