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Peg Solitaire or Solitaire

Package, Game and Pegs

The History of Peg Solitaire or Solitaire Peg Solitaire has a long and interesting history. With the game dating back to the 17th Century, it was said to be invented by a French Mathematician, Pellison. As the story goes, Pellison designed the game for the entertainment purposes of Louie XIV. Originally known as Roi Soleil, …

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Swiss Design – Swiss Made

Swiss Made - Swiss Design

Swiss Design Features Efficiency We live in modern times. It’s almost impossible to see people with out electronics in hand. I think the timing of this vintage game couldn’t be better. Certainly, peg solitaire deserves a triumphant return, and what better way to relaunch than with a new modern Swiss design. As a mechanical engineer, …

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Toy Safety

Example of Lot Number

Toy Safety and our commitment Toy safety is paramount to us. Therefor, it is important to state that all of our parts and materials used during the production process are compliant with the EU standards. Lot Number To ensure toy safety standards, you will notice a 6-digit number printed on the front/top of each game. …

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Order Replacement Pegs

Pegs from the BeerliSchweiz Solitaire Game

How to re-order replacement pegs or pins Here is how to order replacement pegs. It can happen that you lose a pin or two from the game. Don’t panic though, all is not lost. If you’re one who takes it camping, or around with you on your journey’s, yea, it can raise the chances of …

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